Pet Therapy – ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY  (Educazione Assistita con Animale) with Killia

Animal Assisted Therapy is a unique form of therapy that utilises the unconditional relationship qualities of dogs. For 2 years now the Starters in Chatterbox have had a chance to encounter first Kiki and then Giulia and their handlers. Humans and canines share a unique relationship that goes back in time, working together as hunters, gatherers, transport, protection and warmth. This was how canines became “Man’s best friend.
Chatterbox is proud to be part of the Killia experience, All of our Starters benefited from the sessions with Kiki and Giulia. Having a dog and her handler in our classroom situation, helps in many learning areas: social skills, communication skills, emotional skills, physical skills, cognitive and environmental skills.
The children were introduced to the dog in small groups, each one eagerly waiting for their turn to play with her which even helped them understand “taking turns”. All sessions were well planned with simple games, teaching them also boundaries and limit setting skills (what is acceptable and unacceptable). All of the Starters increased their self-esteem, built up self-confidence, built trust, learning how to offer and receive unconditional love.
All of our sessions were fun and enjoyable. A great bond was created between all of the Starters and Kiki and Giulia. The success of AAT in Chatterbox was immense and we will be continuing this wonderful experience in years to come by training our own staff to become handlers and educators so that we can benefit from this therapy even in English!
“Dogs are the best listeners, the greatest keeper of secrets and the most
effective therapy we can get “

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