Chatterbox: the first Cambridge International Primary and Lower Secondary School in Sardinia

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The Chatterbox Primary School (state-recognized) and the Chatterbox Secondary Project (three-year lower secondary education path) join the largest international school community in the world.

Cambridge Assessment International Education has been involved in teaching and global research for decades. The organization is part of the University of Cambridge, has more than one million students in ten thousand schools in one hundred and sixty countries and its qualifications are recognized by institutions and companies in Italy and abroad. It is now also present in Sardinia for the primary and lower secondary school, due to the entry of the Chatterbox School in Cagliari, which is already an exam venue for international certifications in collaboration with The English School of L'Aquila and a twenty-year point of reference for English-Italian bilingual education in the capital, into the largest international circuit in the world.

 The official transition to Cambridge International School is the result of Chatterbox's ongoing commitment to offering universal educational standards capable of providing students with the tools to be successful in studying and working in the modern world, according to a broader vision of the concept of language and culture learning.

The process actually starts spontaneously at an early age at the Experimental Starters Section which introduces to the "Playschool" kindergarten and welcomes boys and girls from 18 months of age: the little students are thus introduced into an educational path that allows them to enter international primary school in a condition of complete bilingualism. Learning English from such a young age in fact guarantees the perfect equivalence of the mother tongue with English and their coexistence in everyday life, thanks to the elasticity of the brain in the first years of the children's life and to their extremely receptive cognitive system.

For this reason, it is essential to introduce language education, in this case English, as soon as possible and with a daily continuity, creating a targeted exposure to the language to develop language skills at high levels in a natural way. Learning, therefore, occurs instinctively and in a fun way through interaction with others and the natural processes of socialization within the class group, through didactic games, songs, fairy tales and the use of other teaching age-calibrated aids: these are all experiences that introduce different and increasingly vast lexical fields.

Within the Chatterbox school curriculum, exposure to the language remains constant throughout development and up to adolescence, ensuring a stable and lasting command of English for children and teenagers.

Given the ever-growing interest on the part of many parents in orienting their sons and daughters towards an international education, the Starters Section of the Preschool in Viale La Plaia is currently being expanded and will be able to welcome new registration requests and those currently on the waiting list starting from November 2021.

For more information, you can visit the school website at and the Facebook and Instagram pages, or contact the secretarial offices by phone on 070 77 38 269 from Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM or via e-mail at