The Elf on the shelf tradition

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We decided to invite Bernard to stay with us so that we could carry on the “Elf on the shelftradition

Elf on the shelf is an American tradition that is now becoming very popular also in Europe.

What is it about?

It started from the book The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition” by Carol Aebersold and her daughter, Chanda Bell. From Thanksgiving Day (November 25th) until the night before Christmas, a little cheeky Elf of Father Christmas, stays together with the family to observe the children’s behaviour and then report everything to the boss: Santa Claus!

These are the secret ingredients that you’ll need to start this magic adventure:

  1. An elf
  2. A tiny magic door
  3. A lot of imagination

Why do you need a magic door?

Because whilst during the day your cheeky elf will be motionless, at night he will come to life and, through the magic door, he will fly to the North Pole to give Santa Claus the latest updates!

Being elves, by nature, very silly and also a little bit clumsy, they will probably mess around and cause some trouble in the house. When children wake up they’ll find them hiding around the house in very funny positions! To apologize for the mess, they leave some nice notes or even, if parents wish, some very small gifts.

Overall, the most important ingredient that you need to start this adventure is a lot of creativity and willingness to spend some quality time with your children!


Here’s the link to buy your Elf on the shelf and the book: Elf on The Shelf | Elfo Natale Pupazzo | Femmina Elfo con Libro per Bambini in Inglese | Elfo sulla Mensola : Giochi e giocattoli

Link to buy only the Elf: Elfi che si comportano male - Peluche da elfo con gambe lunghe 12 pollici - Novità giocattoli di Natale - Ragazzo o ragazza scelti a caso : Casa e cucina

Link to the Italian story: Che la magia abbia inizio. Attenzione Elfo in arrivo! - Caterino, Martina, Pezzoli, Monica - Libri