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 Chatterbox English School, nowadays, is the only English School in Sardinia to be recognised by the Ministry of Education. All pre school classes are held in English.

 Children may now attend from the age of 18 months old and to ensure balanced bi-lingualism we suggest attendance starts before the age of 3.


The Chatterbox English School



 Chatterbox , which is now Nursery, Pre-School and Primary School started back in 2000 and now boasts 3 sites in Cagliari: 2 directly managed by Chatterbox s.r.l. and 1 affiliate schools:

 'Chatterbox di English ABC, Quartu Sant’Elena'.

 Chatterbox welcomes all children, Italian and foreign, and shares the importance of a multicultural and multi-ethnic environment for learning not just a language but a culture. This occurs thanks to the presence of Chatterbox native speaker staff from the child’s earliest years in school.



Primary Cultural Exchange

 A key point during the Primary years in Chatterbox is the participation in the School Exchange: a week of attendance in a British state school for a unique experience with British school mates to start new friendships to be built upon year after year!

 Chatterbox Primary is presently twinned with 6 UK schools:


English School Traditions at Chatterbox

 HOUSES: Following typical British school tradition every pupil , at enrolment, is allocated into a “House”. There are 4 Houses:


Tudor Badge   Windowsor Badge   Stuart Badge   York Badge

 Pupils are encouraged to earn points for their house during the school year. Every year during the pupils’ final school assembly in Primary, the winning House is announced and the cup is awarded for that school year.

 PREFECTS and HOUSE CAPTAINS: In their last year of attendance, some of the Year5 pupils are nominated to become Prefects or House Captains . The role of a Prefect and a House Captain is to support and encourage their younger friends from the lower classes. Prefects and Captains are nominated during a formal ceremony in which the whole school participates and each nominated pupil is presented with a specific badge to be worn every day on their school uniform. The year 5 parents are asked to present the badges to their son or daughter.