At the age of 3 children are admitted into the Playschool section where they will attend for two years before enrolling into Reception Year (children must be 5 years old to be able to attend Reception).

 The Playschool section is the main part of Chatterbox Playschool as it follows the development of your child from 3 to 5 years. Your child will learn to socialize, share, apologise, state his or her needs; he or she will learn more about their preferred games and activities and will start playing with sounds and numbers.

 The main goal we will pursue is his or her autonomy and self-confidence; healthy self-esteem is like a child's armour against the challenges of the world. Kids who know their strengths and weaknesses and feel good about themselves seem to have an easier time handling conflicts and resisting negative pressures. They tend to smile more readily and enjoy life. These kids are realistic and generally optimistic. In contrast, kids with low self-esteem can find challenges to be sources of major anxiety and frustration. Those who think poorly of themselves have a hard time finding solutions to problems. If given to self-critical thoughts such as "I'm no good" or "I can't do anything right", they may become passive, withdrawn, or depressed. Faced with a new challenge, their immediate response might be "I can't". Patterns of self-esteem start very early in life.

 The concept of success following effort and persistence starts early. Once people reach adulthood, it's harder to make changes to how they see and define themselves. Kids with healthy self-esteem tend to enjoy interacting with others. They're comfortable in social settings and enjoys group activities as well as independent pursuits. When challenges arise, they can work toward finding solutions and voice discontent without belittling themselves or others. For example, rather than saying, "I'm an idiot", a child with healthy self-esteem says, "I don't understand this". They know their strengths and weaknesses, and accept them. A sense of optimism prevails. Chatterobx teachers and educators will make sure each child is challenged but never frustrated, in order to help them build memories of challenges he or she always managed to overcome happily and successfully.