Chatterbox Primary - recognised by the Ministry of Education with the status of "paritaria" - is the only Primary school in Sardinia with a tri-lingual curriculum (English/Italian/French).

 Most topics (i.e. Maths, Science, History, Geography, Physical Education, Information Technology, English) are taught in English by qualified and native speakers teachers; Italian is taught by qualified Italian maestre.

 Chatterbox Primary's curriculum is based on a compendium of the Italian and the British system, granting students the best of both worlds. The statistics of Primary pupils' tests results in the I.N.VAL.S.I. exams show a significant difference between Chatterbox students and the rest of local or national pupils; even more remarkable a result if one considers that Chatterbox Primary pupils learn their Maths in English whereas the I.N.VAL.S.I. Maths test is written in Italian.