Chatterbox English Schools - scuola dell'infanzia



 It is never too early to start with a second language. Ideally the second language should start alongside the native one. At Chatterbox children are welcome from the age of 3 months in the Nursery of Via Bacaredda and from the age of 18 months in Viale La Plaia.

 The Nursery section is a fundamental link between Nursery and Playschool ("scuola dell’infanzia").

 The Nursery section gives your child the opportunity to anticipate their experience in a playschool whilst still being looked after in a nursery asset (i.e. the ratio teacher/children is 1 out of 3/8 or 10 depending on the age of the child) and with a timetable and routine tailored to their needs including midmorning and after lunch nap.