It is important that children start as early as possible. We recommend a placement at least from the first year of Playschool.

Teachers and tutors, after a first moment of induction which involves both languages, will speak mainly in English, making sure that the children understand words, short dialogues, simple instructions and  learn gradually.

Food education is very important to us, and thus children celebrate with the preparation of a fruit mandala that is shared with the rest of their classmates. Homemade or prepackaged cakes or desserts are not allowed.

Any allergies or intolerances must be promptly reported to the staff. Special diets can be requested from the secretary's office by attaching the medical certification and changes to the menu signed by the pediatrician or specialist. It is also possible to request a temporary so-called "plain" diet for a maximum of three days without medical certification, by sending an email to the secretariat by 8.30 am.

Only the children in the Primavera section (Starters) take a nap after lunch, while Playschool children have the opportunity to relax with less challenging activities.

The staff consists of mother tongue English native speakers and Italian native speakers. In this way it is possible to welcome and reassure younger children and to talk to the parents.

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