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The Chatterpaws Project 🐾


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In March 2021, thanks to our qualified teacher Franci C. and her dog Sumo, we launched with great success the Chatterpaws project, which since then we have offered every year to the youngest classes, from Starters to Year 1 (18 months - 6 years old).

It is a project about getting to know and interacting with a pet.

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The teaching of the Italian language in our school curriculum


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Many parents who inquire about our school often express some concern regarding the teaching of Italian in our school curriculum, worrying that it may be neglected.

Actually, the teaching of the Italian language, with its rich history, culture and artistic heritage, is of fundamental importance in our international study path for several reasons.

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Italian L2 lessons at Chatterbox School


One of the questions that international families often ask us when they decide to enroll their children in our school is: “My child doesn’t speak Italian, will this be a problem?”.

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It's time for us to go on holiday too!πŸΉπŸ–πŸ§³

The school and offices will be closed from 31st July to 31st August.

See you on Friday 1st September!

summer activities at Chatterbox

Summer at Chatterbox


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For many families, it is important to have the chance to enrol their children in leisure activities even during the Summer for both working reasons, but also as to ensure that they get worthwhile and stimulating activities after a long and busy school year.