Viale La Plaia (CA)

The Viale La Plaia site was Chatterbox's launch pad in May 2000, when the new project was taking shape. The railway company (FS) agreed to give us its former school building located behind the station, with its green jungle all around. After 4 months of loving care and renovation, on 1st September 2000 we were ready to open our doors to the 11 original families who agreed to join the experiment of raising their child bilingually.

The Viale La Plaia site is our pride and joy. Its 300 square metres of internal space are surrounded by 1500 square meters of green garden with fruit trees and flower beds to cultivate. An oasis in the city, that we are proud and happy to offer to our families.

Viale La Plaia hosts the children of the Playschool Starters and Movers classes ranging from 18 months to 4 years.

From 18 months




Via Tempio (CA)

Our School is based in Villanova, heart of the historic city centre of Cagliari.

The Via Tempio site hosts the Reception class, the Primary school, the Secondary project (bilingual preparation course for lower secondary school, in didactic continuity with the Primary School) and the afternoon English courses of the College section.

The school, housed on the first two floors of a 10,000 square meter facility, features large, bright and suitable for children classrooms. The small front courtyard and the large back playground are used during recreational hours or during ludo-educational activities outside the classrooms.






Chatterbox Quartu

Chatterbox Quartu

The Chatterbox English school and the English Playgroup are located in the heart of Quartu Sant’Elena and welcome children from the age of 12 months to 6 years. Each age group has its own independent space of 250 square meters and also has a spacious outdoor area available.

The Playgroup space has been designed to accommodate children from the age of 12 months. The organization of the open space areas allows children to move, explore and play freely in a completely safe environment also ensured by staff supervision on a 1 to 5 ratio.

The proximity of the two schools allows for complete continuity between the two age groups, giving the youngest children of the Playgroup the opportunity to get to know the teachers they will later have in Playschool. Likewise, we work with the Primary School to ensure children have the smoothest transition possible.

For more information:

Chatterbox School Quartu 

Via Cilea, 74 - Quartu Sant'Elena

Person in charge: Claire Mulrooney  Tel . 328 294 1492


Chatterbox Quartu - via Cilea POR




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