A special exam for our Year 6 students

Y6 UNIF 07

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📝 In the British school system Year 6 is the last year of the Primary school and the Cambridge International schools assess learners at the end of the programme through a Checkpoint test.

Our Year 6 class is taking the test for English and Science this week, that will then be marked in Cambridge. 💯

Chatterbox will use the feedback from Cambridge Primary Checkpoint, both the individual learner reports and the teaching group report, to have a general overview of the class trend in relation to the Curriculum framework, to compare the performance of all learners and identify potential individual skills that need improving.

The report will include types of learner responses and areas where they performed well and common errors made on each part of the exam question.

The teachers will thus be able to tailor individual or group learning programmes and monitor their development as students move on to the next class.

We will also receive a report at school level, that will give, among other things, the Chatterbox average Cambridge Checkpoint score for each subject and skill and an international average that shows the average score per subject for all schools in the cohort.

This is a great unit of measure to observe how our students are doing. It allows us to develop an effective improvement plan to make our students and our school grow in the right direction.

At the same time, it helps us to strengthen and enrich our science programme.


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