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Would you like to immerse yourself in this atmosphere of gratitude?

The most delicious pumpkin pie recipe awaits you!

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. In the US calendar, it falls on the fourth Thursday of November, while in Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday of October.

The meaning of the festivity  is to express gratitude for the year's harvests and the blessings received. People share stories about things they are grateful for, participate in parades and take time to reflect and give thanks for the positive things in their lives.

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Celebrations often include a big dinner with family or friends, with turkey as the main course, accompanied by mashed potatoes, gravy, side dishes and the legendary pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie is the quintessential autumn dessert, spicy and sweet, often served with a fluffy cream cheese. Here at school we were lucky enough to taste it thanks to our former teacher Franci P., who is also a Chatterbox mum, who made us the best pumpkin pie ever, following Sarah Jane Crawford's recipe.

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Franci kindly agrEed to share this delicious recipe with us, which we hope you will have fun trying to fully enter into this atmosphere!

Have fun and enjoy!

Download the recipe here ⬇️


Credits: Batmad.it