Italian L2 lessons at Chatterbox School

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One of the questions that international families often ask us when they decide to enroll their children in our school is: “My child doesn’t speak Italian, will this be a problem?”.

In order to face the increasing number of enrolment requests of international students in our school, whose first language is not Italian, we decided to offer Italian L2 lessons for them, which take place in our school, in small groups, during the Italian lessons and are taught by Italian mother tongue teachers.

This is because we believe that it is essential, as to ensure a full and efficient settling in inside and outside the school community, to be able to understand and communicate using the target language.

Chatterbox English School offers Italian L2 lessons to all the foreign students who may need help in learning Italian, starting from Year 1 and going on to Year 8. Over the last few years we have had the chance to prove that our lessons are very successful, our international students enjoy them and, thanks to them, feel more and more passionate about this language.