Let’s work on the seasons in a creative and fun way!

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Playschool activities are often connected to seasonality and are the perfect way to involve children in creative educational experiences.

Here are some ideas inspired by the autumn activities of our teachers at the Viale La Plaia site, which can be incorporated into children's free time even outside of school:

1. Autumn leaves:

    - Collect dry leaves in different shapes and colors during a walk outdoors and use them for artistic activities such as collages or to create shapes and figures.

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2. Natural Wreaths:

    - Create wreaths using dry branches, leaves, and other natural materials. This activity is excellent for promoting not only creativity but also hand-eye coordination.

3. Sensory Exploration:

    - Fill containers with autumn materials such as dry leaves, pine cones, and nut shells, inviting children to touch, smell and explore the different materials.

4. Painting with autumn colors:

    - Use autumn-inspired colors such as brown, orange, yellow and red, encouraging children to paint with their hands, leaves or other natural objects.

5. Autumn Stories and Songs:

    - Introduce stories and songs that celebrate autumn and nature, encouraging children to make a themed drawing.

Autumn song

6. Experiments with autumn fruit:

    - Introduce autumn fruits such as apples and pumpkins by organizing cutting and collage-making activities with fruit.

7. Seed Counting Activity:

    - Use autumn seeds such as pumpkin or sunflower seeds for counting activities. Kids can count seeds, sort them by size or create patterns.

8. Autumn wildlife game:

    - Introduce autumn wildlife such as squirrels or birds by organizing activities that involve creating nests or simulating animal behavior.

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Credits: Batmad.it