Our weekly appointment, Show and Tell! (Playschool)


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Show and Tell is an appointment that every child in our school looks forward to. As per tradition, in our Chatterbox Playschool, every Friday afternoon is dedicated to this precious moment.

But what is it exactly?

For Show and Tell teachers ask the children to choose a toy from home and bring it into school the following day. This toy will, then, be kept inside the child’s bag and shown to the rest of the class at circle time, a moment during which children sit down in a circle and, in turns, listen to each other. Children really love this moment as it is an occasion to bring into school an object that is special for them, which is also an opportunity that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Furthermore, they love the fact that they have the chance to share it with the class and explain the reasons why that object is so special to them. 

Why is Show and Tell so important and useful in the school life?

This activity has multiple benefits. Having a constant appointment to look forward to helps, on one hand, to create a routine that gives the child a sense of security and, on the other hand, promotes the child’s wish to go back to school the following day. Besides, choosing the toy to bring to school represents a special moment between the child and the parents, who will help and advise the child in the choice. Gradually, the child will be asked to be  more independent while choosing the toy and preparing the bag for the following day as to promote his/her independence.

Another essential benefit of this appointment is the moment of Show and Tell in itself. The child, driven by his/her own urge to share a special object, is strongly encouraged to speak in English. At the beginning the child will form very short and simple sentences where the different languages will mix up, and then, gradually, he or she will start forming more complex sentences and structured conversation. At the same time, also the other children, pushed by their curiosity, will want to ask questions but, in order to do so, they’ll have to use English. Also, through this activity, the children are encouraged to speak in front of an audience which represents, for many of them, a big challenge. This, not only helps children to build self esteem but it also supports them in fighting the fear of rejection.

Elisa Serras, Reception Teacher


Credits: Batmad.it