Summer at Chatterbox

summer activities at Chatterbox

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For many families, it is important to have the chance to enrol their children in leisure activities even during the Summer for both working reasons, but also as to ensure that they get worthwhile and stimulating activities after a long and busy school year.

Our school offers various options that are available to different age groups. Our summer camp at the beach is one of them!

The summer camp, that takes place at Family Beach, welcomes all of our Playschool children as well as the Year 1 and Year 2 ones.

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Another option is the summer camp for our Starters in the school of Viale la Plaia, where teachers organize fun activities and outdoor games for the little ones who are not yet ready to spend a whole day at the beach.

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This year’s news, for our Via Tenpio children, are the Theatre Course and the Scuba Diving which were both a huge success!

This year, in fact, our school started a collaboration with the International British Theatre School, a theatre school that operates worldwide and that offers intensive courses in English for children and teenagers aged 5 to 12 years! Many of our Chatterbox students participated in this amazing project that took part in our school in Via Tempio and they loved pretending to be professional actresses and actors!

Then, the Scuba Diving course, for our Year 4 and Year 5 pupils, was held by ASD Seaworld of Cagliari. The course was made up of some theory lessons at school and some diving practice ones at Marina Piccola. On this occasion too our children participated with enthusiasm and were very happy to take in the challenge!