Year 3 learn about leap year


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Year 3 and Mrs Murphy have ventured through time!

On this very special date, 29th February, Year 3 students explored the mystery and fascination of the leap year, learning about its origins and peculiarities.

The children discovered that adding an extra day in the calendar is an ancient Romans practice, which was perfected over the centuries. This system, aimed at synchronizing the solar calendar with the civil calendar, led to the creation of the leap year as we know it today.

Led by Mrs. Murphy, the class then created some nice paper frogs, symbolizing the four-year "leap" that characterizes this recurrence.

Furthermore, they have prepared a time capsule, sealing their presentation accompanied by photos in an envelope, which will be reopened in 2028.

The children participated with commitment, interest and enthusiasm!

See you in four years, when we’ll reopen the time capsules!


The leap year presentation and worksheets used by Mrs. Murphy are from

The themed word search game was created by Mrs. Murphy on the website and can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.